If you do not have Internet access you can complete a paper Florida Business Tax Application Form DR-1. Community Cemeteries Questions If you have any questions about the application process call Account Management at 850-488-6800 Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Provide currently exempt from federal income tax pursuant to IRC 501 c 13 that operate a cemetery donated by deed to the community. 097 Florida Administrative Code Effective 01/17 501 c 3 Organizations Service IRS to be...
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Who needs a DR-5 Form?

This form is important for those who have the right to be exempted from Florida sales and use tax. Some political subdivisions and nonprofit organizations can fill out this form to apply for a Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption. Among these organizations and subdivisions are community cemeteries, credit unions, fair associations, Florida fire and emergency services foundations, Florida retired educators association, library cooperatives, nonprofit cooperative hospital laundries, nonprofit water systems, organizations benefiting minors, parent-teacher organizations or associations, religious institutions, schools, colleges, universities, veteran’s organizations, volunteer fire departments

What is a DR-5 Form for?

The DR-5 form is an application for a consumer’s certificate of exemption. The qualified organizations can apply for a tax exemption to save money for their growth and development.

Is a DR-5 Form accompanied by other forms?

The applicant should provide copies of all required documentation (proofs of qualification), such as an IRS determination letter, law creating the entity, proof of nonprofit organization, articles of incorporation, etc.

When is a DR-5 form due?

Florida sales tax exemption form can be filled out whenever there is a need. The certificate of the tax exemption is valid for 5 years.

How do I fill out form DR-5?

The application consists of one page. You should answer all questions.  There are no fees associated with the form. First, you should indicate whether this is a new application or you want to renew the certificate. You should also check the exemption category for which you are applying and provide some information about the organization (name, address, ZIP, FEIN, phone). The applicant should also sign and date the form on behalf of the qualified organization.

Where do I send a DR-5 form?

The application should be sent to Florida Department of Revenue, Account Management, Tallahassee FL.

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Hi I'm Josh Espinosa realtor core shores Realty and on today's real estate talk I'd like to share a quick tip on how to save some cash with the Florida homestead tax exemption so maybe you bought a house last year if you did you need this file for your homestead tax exemption among other things the homestead tax exemption is a tax saving exemption on the 1st and 3rd $25,000 of the assessed value of an owner-occupied residence if the house you bought last year is your principal residence that is you live in it then you're entitled to the exemption let me give you a couple examples to show you how it works in the first example we'll see a house with the assessed value of $200,000 it has no homestead exemption and if we use the tax rate of 2% for the city then your taxes for that year are going to be $4,000 that's a pretty big chunk if we look at the same house with the homestead exemption then the assessed value will be reduced by $50,000 which is your homestead exemption sonali the same house assessed value would be 150 thousand dollars if we use the same tax rate two percent then your total tax for the year would be three thousand dollars that's a little better this tax payment is usually included in your monthly mortgage payment which you're pretty familiar with piti principal interest taxes and insurance the tax part is a pup is applied to your escrow account and your lender pays it at the end of the year one more thing the previous owner may have had homestead exemption on the house and that's great but you still need to apply because the homestead exemption is not transferable okay so how do you apply if you look at the comment section below you're gonna see some links for Palm Beach Dade and Broward County property appraisers or websites go online follow links it's pretty user friendly follow the step-by-step instructions and it'll tell you what documents you need to file the filing period ends March 2nd so don't forget the file because if you don't file you're gonna pay higher taxes and you need to well that's all for now Josh out see you next time on real estate talk